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The Ins and Outs of Park Model Homes

July 4, 2017

With so much buzz around micro and tiny homes, it’s expected to see the popularity of park models rise. Whether you are looking for a seasonal home or year-round residence, a park model is a great option. The team at Lake Country Modular and Maximum Modular can educate you on this growing trend and discuss your options for getting into a park model. Check out our list of frequently asked questions about park models.

What is a park model?

These homes are often 12’ wide, no more than 538 square feet, and are built with standard 2x4 exterior wall construction.

Where can a park model go?
You will likely see them in resort parks, but people have also been known to put them on private land as well. It is recommended you research different parks for any restrictions as well as visit your local municipality or regional district that for your area.

What types of décor and interior options do I have with these homes?
Many of the features available for manufactured and modular homes also apply to park models. It is a good ideal to always consider the spatial limitations of park models as you design your floor plan and choose décor selections.

Are these homes affordable?
Manufactured and modular homes provide a great opportunity for building a cost-effective home. That said, it’s always wise to have a budget and consider the amount of “upgrades” you put into your home. Many people assume a smaller home would be less expensive, but if you are adding a significant number of upgrades, the cost will go up regardless of the size of the home.

Can I design my own floor plan?
Absolutely! We are happy to assist clients with designing their own custom floor plan. We pride ourselves on building homes that suit our clients' needs.

Click here to view our sample floor plans on our website and contact our team at 250.766.2214.


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