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Modular Vs. Prefab: What's The Difference?

February 25, 2014

What’s the difference between modular and prefab construction? That’s a question that’s been on a lot of minds lately, as ‘prefab’ has become a trendy term in home decor magazines and media. As it turns out, there isn’t really a difference between the two at all. At least not on the surface.


A prefabricated building, or Prefab, is a term that refers to several different types of construction. Any home can be considered as prefab if portions of its structure are constructed in a factory setting and then assembled onsite. Modular homes consist of several components that are built in a factory setting and then assembled on-site to create your new home, like LEGOs for real life. Thus, a modular home IS a prefab home.


These days, the term ‘Prefab’ has become synonymous with the modernist home movement, but that doesn’t mean that a modular home isn’t prefab. Today, modular homes can be built to all kinds of specifications, whether you’d like a small, modern structure with large windows, or a sprawling Cape Cod style home for your family. You could call it “Prefab” or “Modular”, but we think you should simply call it “Home”.

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