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Why should I buy a modular home?

There are tons of great reasons to buy a modular home from Lake Country Modular Homes. From diverse floorplans to customizable designs and affordability, modular homes are a great option and you may not even be able to see the difference between a modular home and a traditionally built house.

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Top Reasons to purchase a modular home

Wide Selection and Options

Modern modular homes are not the same as those of yesteryear. Today's modular homes can be places on a walk-out basement, can have floorplans rearranged, and can be built to over 2,000 square feet!

Lower Costs

Because your modular home will be built in a factory, you are able to save money. Weather delays and construction issues cost time, and time costs money. Modular homes are less expensive to build than the exact same home built the old-fashioned way.

Faster Builds in a Controlled Environment

Modular homes are built in a factory, so weather delays aren't a factor and we don't have to wait for on-site inspections to be completed. This means that you get your dream home faster!

Consistent Quality

Our homes are tested in the factory to ensure code compliance. We are so confident in the quality of our SRI homes that we offer a Ten Year Structural Warranty.

What does Lake Country Modular Homes offer?

We can assist our clients with everything from permits to complete finishing and everything in between. We aim to provide quality service with integrity at all times.

Where do we deliver?

All of British Columbia.

A New Home to Match You

We specialize in custom designs and modifications with our modular homes and each home that we sell reflects our client's unique needs. With over 39 years in the industry, our expertise is at your service.

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