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Carriage Houses

Are you looking to increase the value of your property or add an additional stream of income to your household? Carriage homes have become a popular option for existing home owners. That said, there are always many questions that arise from the thought of a project like this. In an effort to help, we have answers to some frequently asked questions.

#1: What is a carriage house?

A carriage house, sometimes referred to as a garden house, is a smaller, secondary dwelling on a property. The carriage house is subject to specific size and height parameters in relation to the primary home on the property.

#2: How does a carriage house differ from a secondary suite?

A secondary suite is a self-contained dwelling within an existing home. The secondary suite will have it's own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and living area. Secondary suites, like carriage houses, are restricted in size based on the square footage of the main house.

#3: Who can live in a carriage house?

Carriage homes are not restricted in anyway regarding who occupies the home. Homeowners have built carriage homes for the following:

  • Aging parents: allow parents to still have their own space and indepence while you have peace of mind knowing they are close by.
  • Adult children: become an empty nester even while the kids are still in the coop!
  • Guests: give your guests their own space whether they stay for the weekend or a month.
  • Tenants: add rental income to your household by renting the property.

#4: Is my property zoned for a carriage house?

It is recommended you contact your local building department to determine if your property is zoned for a carriage house.

#5: How much can I expect to charge tenants on a monthly basis?

Research the rental market in your area to determine what is realistic for rent on your carriage home. Things to keep in mind will be your own payments if the house will be financed, will you include utilities, property taxes, etc.

#6: How much will my property value increase with the addition of a carriage home?

Many home owners often see their property values increase by MORE than the costs of the carriage home they have built.

Above is a sample carriage home layout and rendering. Lake Country Modular specializes in custom floor plans that suit your taste and needs.

Ready to get to it? Our talented sales team is available to assist in your carriage house project. Please contact our office at 250.766.2214 to get started!